Warum ich mich für Lebendige Meere einsetze
Dear friends of Josette,

we are all missing her very much. We (a group of friends in Ispra, Italy) want to do something she cares about and as her favorite animal are the sea turtles, we thought she would have appreciated to do something for them. So if you want, you can participate here by donating in her name.
"Nobody who you love, is gone. Love is eternal presence" (Stefan Zweig)

This website is in German and we chose it because it is the only possibility we found to donate in Euros and as a group. If you are not familiar with the language, please use the automatic translate function (by clicking the right mouse button).

Lebendige Meere

Wal, Delfin und Meer. Mit Ihrer Hilfe können wir Meeresschutzgebiete aufsetzen, Beifang verringern, die Verschmutzung der Meere bekämpfen und die Lebensweise der Meeresbewohner erforschen.

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